Monday, May 25, 2015

Useful Pocketmine Plugins

If you're not aware, Pocketmine is a great resource for teachers who want to use Minecraft in the classroom but have access to devices instead of computers.  Pocketmine is completely free and allows the use of community created plugins (add on programs that expand its capabilities).  Several of these plugins are very helpful for use in the classroom.  Here is a list of the most helpful:

SimpleAuth - Requires students to login so they cannot impersonate others.  Recently SimpleAuth Helper was added which makes the login process much simpler.

PocketDockConsole - Allows easy access to your Minecraft server from a remote location to configure as needed.  You can issue commands or just monitor the servers status.

Economy - Gives your world a virtual economy to put some econ lessons in your class.  This plugin handles a lot of different tasks.  You can create "Airport Signs" that allow students to warp to different places in the world.  You can also make signs that sell items to players.  You can collect taxes from your students, give them money, and much more.  This is super fun to play with and adds a lot of depth to your world.

ServerMail - Your students can send messages to each other even when they are not online at the same time.

Universe - Allows the control of multiple worlds on the same server.  This can be handy if you want different worlds for different class periods or units.

No Explode - Doesn't allow explosions in your world if your students build TNT.

In addition to plugins, Pocketmine allows many variables for you to configure your server with as well.  With Pocketmine alone you can do the following:

Limit the number of players on the server

Create a whitelist of users who can join the server

Turn off PVP (player vs. player)

Set game mode (create, survival, explore, etc...)

and more

Given the price (free) it is quite a powerful program and even more powerful with the Pocketmine Community adding plugins daily.  You can find this wonderful program at

Happy Teaching