Thursday, January 29, 2015

Great Fun with Make Beliefs Comic Maker

Found a great free comic strip maker on the web and IOS called Make Beliefs.  What I love most about it is how simple the layout is.  It is really simple for anyone to pick up and use with little to no guidance.  There are tons of characters to work with, speech bubbles of course and manipulating the characters is super easy.  I can see this working for almost any grade level.  My students will be using it to create a comic that shows how a problem could arise if some of their Constitutional rights were taken away.  The biggest limitation is that it only does three boxes at a time.  I am working around this limitation by having students make one, save it to the camera roll, and then make the second half and save it to the camera roll.  The two comic strips can then be combined in Pages and turned in as a .PDF.  I haven't used this app with the students but I think it will go really well.