Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Great Schoology Discussion - This Time With Vocab...

This time we used a Schoology discussion to introduce vocabulary.  This was a quick and fun way for students to interact with each other and language.  In Schoology I created a discussion for students to participate in.  I used the great feature that my colleague Mr. Corwin introduced me to of required students to post a comment before being able to see comments other students made.

For this activity I had three vocabulary words for students to work with.  Each student worked with a partner to take their assigned words definition I displayed on the board and put it into their own words. The catch is, when students posted their definition they did not post their assigned word so it was only their definition that other students could see.   Once they posted their definition they could see other definitions that were posted by their peers.  Their job was then to reply to other posts by identifying which word the definition was defining.  Once someone replied to their post they could give them a like if they were correct.  Overall it went great and the students really enjoyed the activity.  Hope this helps.  Happy Teaching!!!